September 7th, 2021.

It is harder to write on a boat, with my parents around, than I thought. First, there is always something to do, form putting the engine on the dinghy, sailing a little, swimming to check the anchor, and then socializing with them. So, anyways, this letter is going to be a mixed bag.

One story I didn’t tell you is about what happened to me as I got in Greece. The flight that took me from Zurich to Corfu was packed, but I was tired (mostly of trying to follow insane work hours for two weeks). So, I slept. Arriving at Corfu International Airport (which is really not that international, with one runway and barely enough space for four aircrafts), I was half-awake when I walked off the ramp to the Greek custom border check for intra-Schengen travels. There, they checked my “locator form”, this form that everyone entering the country has to fill, for a large “V” or a large “X”,  which, it turns out, displayed my vaccination status based on the very much trustworthy checkbox I ticked online, while filling it. The “V” went straight to get their luggage. The “X” did not – they went to a section of the hall that had been set up to do a fast antigen test. When I discovered this, I found it interesting, so I took my phone out. Little did I knew then that half a minute later I would be with a very serious cop checking through my phone pictures to delete the unlawful clichés I had taken of their endeavor.

“It is illegal”

Oh, well, sorry, guys. Interesting start of a vacation! It took me a while to find the “delete button” and the “clear trash” action on my phone, for the half-awake, night owl sleeping during the day that I was, and I probably looked more like the bird carrying this letter than my normal self!


Another interesting event that occurred to us was last night. We ended up anchoring near another boat, near the coast of western Greece – not an island this time. It turns out, we wanted to be at the end of the bay, but we ended up close to another boat. In the middle of the night, the wind had turned, and I just wanted to move our boat to get a little further. My dad and I ended up anchoring again, and then sleep well the rest of the night – we had a long chain, the anchor had caught, and there was nothing else to worry about. But not for my mom. My mom’s brain took spiraling thoughts when she knew we woke up to take care of that:

“What would happen if the anchor slipped? Are we far enough? They were checking to set an alarm in case of drift. Did they manage to do it?”

In any case, my dad and I woke up refreshed from our night, my mom did not – and she is now taking a nap. Again, this owl would be a good illustration of her face the next morning! I feel sorry for her, as there was nothing to worry about!


The last “fait divers” I have to report is a large family on a big catamaran anchored not too far from us today. They were repeating a dance that made me thought a little of what we did for Nam’s and Chig’s wedding. They were dancing for the whole bay… The spot we anchored forms a natural round amphitheater around us, with some tavernas where we will likely go get dinner on one side, and a bunch of boats attached to the rocks on the other side, with one anchor to take them a little away from the cliff. Their catamaran was there. It was quite a show to see them dancing, until the father – at least I think he was – pushed all his four kids overboard… I presume they, also were looking a bit like the owl carrying this letter when coming out – at least they were loud!


Those were the diverse facts of these first days in Greece. Of course, I still imagine you by my side at every moment. Stargazing the clear sky of yesterday’s bay, far from any light pollution. You, swimming with me exploring the nearby rocks and fish. Playing “Exploding kitten”, and the two of us creating alliances against my parents – and I can already imagine what you would say to that!