It started with your beautiful and warm smile – and ended up being light years more than that. It began with us laughing, and it finished up with us marrying each other. Love takes its own path, but since the first time I saw you, I knew that you were engraved in my memory. I would have never forgiven myself not to have tried relentlessly to get into your life.

Of the past few years, there are a couple images that will always be stuck in my mind. The first vivid memory I have of us two is flirting near the ladder going up to the bed of my first apartment in Seattle. The feeling I had then of something unique. The last memory imprinted in me is from yesterday, from the wind shaking the branches of our decade old trees while we were cuddling, in this new house, and that unwavering feeling that there, with you, I have found a place that I can truly call home. Not home in the sense one calls her or his parent’s place home. But our home, a home we chose, in a place we love, and a home we built and will keep building.

Thank you, Sri, for being there for me, all the steps of the way.