May those mountains bear witness,
That on land or at sea,
I choose you to cross this humble parcel of time
That is our life.

There were two paths,
Starting from two different places and cultures
That merged into one.

That path was outside of the usual trails,
It led from the spices of India
And the glaciers of the Alps
To the shores of the Pacific.

I was glad to meet you at the junction,
You were there with your bright smile,
And I do not feel guilty for wanting more of it
For every day to come.

I vow to support you every time you stumble.
To make you stand tall and to look high ahead.
When you are down, I’ll bring you up
Like you brought me up
Time and times again.

I vow to enjoy the view with you every time we can,
To go explore all the side paths that stem from ours,
Until we leave not a single rock unturned.

I vow to make you smile when you feel sad,
To cuddle you when you need warmth,
To laugh with you every time we get a chance.

I vow to make sure I always help you read the map
To grasp the bigger picture,
When we are unsure about which direction to take
When we feel lost and overworked.

I vow to love you with all my heart,
To continue with you our great trip across the stars
Till death do us part.

It is here on the shores of the Salish sea
That my heart has settled, with you,
And far from home, we have built a new one.

And what will remain from the scaffolding of our life
Is the masterpiece of our memories.