This is the graphic story of one of the sailing trip of Luna Rosa, a sailboat I helped take south to the Canaries Island in December 2020. – Mathieu Maender

Map of pictures and stories

Video of the boat in the Canaries

Thanks to LuxAlitus for the shots

More pictures and videos from our photograph here!

The end of the road

After a week offshore, three broken halyards (main, gennaker, jib) and three mast climbs on the open sea (including at night), two tuna fish and three lost fishing lures (including one home-made), massive swell, a crazy downwind run under full moon (at speeds of 15 knots), an exploded spinnaker, and about 1,600 nautical miles… We reached Tenerife!

Sadly, it was for me the time to fly back to the USA.