Four years ago, my dad pushed me to take a job offer coming from the other end of the world. I discovered an America that I like – Seattle, a vibrant city, but yet close to nature and the sea. One day, I met someone I could not get off my thoughts. Together, we speak more than five languages of four different roots, share three cultures, and have a life across three continents. Our relation is for me also a reminder that borders, and politics, are entirely man-made – that nature knows no frontier. That cultures are to be experienced, not feared. That similarities are much more important than differences.

Let us remember that even if our neighbor does not have the same opinion as ours, she or he still breaths the same air. We might have more in common than we think, even if we do not agree on everything. If we both respect those differences and acknowledge where we meet, the dialogue would only be that easier.

See you in the post-November world, Seattle.